Additional data requirements for Position Limits for Shareholding Disclosure clients


Fortunately, the data requirements for Position Limits overlap heavily with that for the Shareholding Disclosure service, so only several additional properties are required:  

CommoditySymbol: Exchange-specific commodity symbol (e.g. CL for NYMEX Crude Oil). This should be the FIA Tech Commodity Symbol. 

Please note while there is material overlap between the FIA Tech symbols and those provided by market data vendors, there are some differences that will require manual re-mapping. Clients can do this at their end or via data overrides by following the process explained here. We can also assist in this mapping exercise once you have uploaded your positions files, as any discrepancies will create missing data items. 

For reference, all FIA Tech symbols can be found here <insert link to HC article or other location of file>.

DeliveryMonth: Delivery month of exchange-traded derivatives. If a contract month has delivery over two different months, FundApps recommend using the first delivery month unless the regulation states otherwise.

OpenInterestAllMonths: Total number of open or outstanding (not closed/settled or delivered) contracts that exist on a given trading day across all contract months. The property should represent the all-month open interest value for a futures contract if defined on a future or for all options (call and put) combined if defined on an option.  

OpenInterestSingleMonth: Total number of open or outstanding (not closed/settled or delivered) contracts that exist on a given trading day for the single contract month.

Depending on the vendor, sourcing these open interest fields can be difficult, especially the all months data. Where this is the case, please let us know, and we can assist with potential solutions. 

Price: Generally, position limits are based upon the highest number of options or futures contracts an investor is allowed to hold. However, there are some cases where the position limit is on the value of the investment. An example of this would be the India Stock Exchange (XNSE), where the limit is based upon the value of the investment in local currency, INR. We recommend providing a Price for all positions as this will ensure all positions are covered should you enter new markets or FundApps extend our coverage.

Derivatives in scope

Be mindful, too, that Position Limits expands the breadth of existing asset classes that are already in scope for Shareholding Disclosure. For example, both options and futures are in scope for Shareholding Disclosure, however, this is limited to derivatives where the ultimate underlying asset is an equity or bond. While these may also be in scope for Position Limits, other derivatives where the reference or underlying asset is a commodity, interest rate or currency-related product may also be in scope. 

If for more information about Adapptr Error Resolution for both Position Limits and Shareholding Disclosure, please reference this article

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