Removing Entities, Portfolios and Umbrellas

It is important to know that it is not possible to delete an Entity, Portfolio or Umbrella from FundApps if they have any data attached to them. The reason for this is that historical results are stored via the Portfolios and Entities. Therefore deleting these would cause problems with historical disclosures. We do understand that portfolios may cease to exist. To capture this, the ability to liquidate a portfolio is available in FundApps.


Liquidating a Portfolio

To liquidate a portfolio simply navigate to the portfolio:

  1. Portfolios & Entities on the top right
  2. navigate to or search for the portfolio you wish to liquidate
  3. double click to edit the portfolio
  4. enter the liquidation date as shown below. This can also be done via uploading a portfolio .CSV file if doing this for multiple portfolios which would be too long winded to carry out via the UI.


Liquidating a portfolio will move it from the active list into the liquidated list. If you ever wish to reinstate a portfolio you can do this by removing the liquidation date. 


Making an Umbrella or Entity redundant

Umbrellas do not have this functionality. If you are not aware of the purpose of an umbrella, check out the following Umbrella Level Disclosures article. Although umbrellas cannot be liquidated (technically umbrellas do not have any positions), you can make an umbrella redundant in FundApps. To do this: 

  1. Remove it from any aggregation structure by setting parent entity to No Parent
  2. Change the name - we recommend adding something like - Closed or Liquidated at the end of the umbrella name (example "FundApps Exotic Fund" to "FundApps Exotic Fund - Closed".
  3. Remove any portfolios that aggregate up to the Umbrella. This step involves going into each portfolio under the umbrella from the parent entity. Please see the article "Setting up aggregation in the UI" for how to do this.

***Please do not upload any position files or make any other changes in your environment while completing these steps***

These steps allow previous results which were flagged at the umbrella level to be kept in FundApps, while ensuring any new results will be appear at the portfolio or entity level. 

Similarly, it is not possible to delete/remove an entity. The same principle above applies; in both these situations the umbrella/entity will remain visible on the active screen.  

In extreme circumstances we may be able to remove Umbrellas/Portfolios and Entities from FundApps. This should be considered a last resort as it would involve resetting the whole of your FundApps environment. This would remove any results and portfolio/entities already set up, meaning everything would be need to be added back in as required.

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