Using XSD schema to Build out XML Positions File


We make an XSD schema available for the position upload in XML format. It is updated regularly, and we recommend downloading the latest version before commencing testing or building XML files.  

The purpose of the XSD schema is to support the initial build of your position file during the implementation phase.

How Can I Obtain the Latest XSD Schema?

This can be retrieved from the GET v1/expost/xsd API endpoint.

Alternatively, the XSD schema can be downloaded by logging into the API endpoint through your browser. The URL would be [your-company-name] From there, you will be prompted for the API username and password. After you successfully authenticate, you will be allowed to download the XSD schema. The most up-to-date XSD schema can always be found by referring to that link.

Please contact your IT team to validate an XML file against the XSD schema. We recommend using the Python library XML schemaAlternatively, for a quick manual check, you can use a web service such as

Note: the XSD Schema validation is more sensitive than the User Interface validation. 

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