Parameterised Rules Implementation Guide


To use the new rules, 4 steps will be required.

1. Enable the Parameterised Rule folder

The “Parameterised Rules” rule folder will need to be enabled as you would any other rule folder in the Portfolio/Entities view in the UI. All portfolios/entities you wish to run the rules on will need to be enabled. As a temporary solution, the FA team will ensure any automated portfolio file uploads won’t overwrite the Parameterised Rule folder configuration.


2. Configure the rule parameters for the first time

Once the rule folder has been enabled, inside the Edit Portfolio/Entity view, Parameters for a rule template are set by downloading the parameter CSV for the given template, configuring the parameters and then uploading them for the given rule template.

The following steps should be followed.

Click Set Up


Download the template


Edit the template according to your business requirements and then upload the template within the same pop-up. The file name can be as you wish.


Once uploaded, the parameters you have set will be visible in the platform by selecting View Parameters.


Note: Parameters cannot be configured whilst a position file is uploading - you will be prevented from being able to save parameters during such a period.

3. Adding new TotalNetAssets property

If you wish to use the below rules:

  • Country Exposure
  • Currency Exposure
  • Asset Class Exposure

FundApps will require a new Portfolio property, TotalNetAssets (TNA), to be provided in the xml position file. The TotalNetAssets will be the denominator of the exposure calculation.

As this property changes daily, it will need to be added to the position file as per the screenshot below. 


The “Issuer Exposure - TSO” rule does not require this property, as the exposure is calculated as a % of total shares outstanding.

 4. Upload/re-run your position file

Once the parameters have been configured and the TNA property set (if needed), uploading a position file will then run all assets in the position file against the parameterised rules. 

If no parameters are set, then no results will be shown for the Entity/Portfolio:rule template combination.

Any results triggered by the rules will show up in results within the new “Parameterised Rules” results list view, accessible from the top banner in your environment.


5. Editing Parameters

 Editing parameters requires re-uploading the parameter csv template. Any upload will overwrite all current parameters, so you must ensure all are present in your upload.

 You are able to download the current parameters via the UI as per below screenshot, make the edits you wish and then re-upload via the Edit button.


 There is an audit trail of when and who made the latest changes to the parameters.


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