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Key Resources

First things first, let's get acquainted with some key resources that will be core to your usage of FundApps.

Help Centre

Our Help Centre is regularly updated with useful documents, including how-to articles and frequently asked questions. To fully access our Help Centre, you will need to register your email - this is independent of your environment email and password.

FundApps Documentation

The FundApps Product Documentation focuses on the data specifications for the properties required in your files; this is more useful for data and/or IT teams. This includes the live coverage of all jurisdictions
and forms we cover and our uptime statistics.

Additionally, we provide Technical Guides for integrating with FundApps APIs. 


Ever had a question a fellow compliance officer at another firm would perhaps know the answer to? Ever wondered how other people approach data issues? There's strength in numbers - benefit from our hive
mind, we currently have 100+ clients, 1000+ users across 20+ countries. By utilising our community, you can access a network of the world's top investment managers, sovereign wealth funds and
investment banks. The community provides a space to share your knowledge, call on others and benefit
from a universal standard in regulatory compliance. You also have access to a suite of services 
used and enriched by our clients, like the Global Company Database. Interested? Sign up here!

The FundApps Learning Hub

A growing set of resources is located within the Community portal and is aimed at helping both those who are new to regulatory compliance and those who want to deepen their knowledge. Complete with easy-to-digest videos and PDF summaries, you will be learning directly from our very own subject matter experts. 

Rule Commentary

A secure forum for you and our other users to engage in discussion and get answers from a passionate community of clients, partners, and FundApps experts. If you want to share your opinion/experience on any specific regulation or disclosure filing process and want to see what other clients’ opinions are. It is also a good way of asking specific regulatory questions to our Regulatory team.

You can find the Rule Commentary on any rule in your environment.

Feature Requests

If you have any feature suggestions or enhancements or wish to see what is being worked on now or in the future. Any great ideas are welcome! Other clients can comment on feature requests, and you can comment on other clients’ to upvote and add priority to their proposed features, which may benefit you also. Our Product team actively reviews this board and updates it with comments on the status and next steps.

Global Company Database

Our Global Company Database (GCD) gives you access to company-specific information required for regulatory disclosures. It serves as a repository of data and information that has already been vetted and aggregated on behalf of users. We currently have information for over 1.5M companies. As users, you have the ability to review and add to the GCD. We provide access to articles of association data for companies across Europe. We also provide a consolidated list of Takeover Panel information, Public Major Shareholding Disclosure filings and Short positions, including the most shorted companies.

Getting in Touch

Raising a Support Ticket

Our support team comprises Client Success team members based in London, New York and Singapore. The most efficient way to contact the support team at FundApps is by submitting requests through the Help Centre. Select the Contact Us option at the top right of the Help Centre.

We recommend signing in with an account, as this allows several additional functions: you can track existing requests, set priority, and see at a glance which tickets require your response.

Creating an account is quick and painless:

Click on Sign in > Sign up > include your name and email, and then select Sign up, after which you'll be sent an email for confirmation. 

Support Ticket Best Practices

  • Provide a summary of the issue and if this is impacting a rule, a form or a general question.
  • Provide information on dates or result links, where possible.
  • Provide evidence of memo or legal guidance, if applicable.
  • Give us feedback!
  • For further top tips, see this page here!

Critical Support

Two scenarios exist which may require critical support:

  1. You are unable to access the FundApps website (and you have a valid login);
  2. You are unable to upload a position file for checking; i.e. you are able to log in but cannot establish a connection to upload the file (note: validation errors are out of scope).

In both cases, we would just ask you to confirm that your internet connection is working, but then contact critical support, which will ensure that all the relevant people are notified immediately, as we have a system called PagerDuty, which will actively notify the person on support 24/7.

Outside of normal office hours, we have a 24-hour virtual assistant who will route you through to a FundApps employee if you say that you are unable to access your environment or are unable to upload a file.

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