Roles / Users Privilege Model


The User privilege model within Rapptr specifies the functionality available to users throughout the system, defined by the following user roles:

  • Reviewer - access to results which includes the ability to assign & comment. Also able to view portfolios, individual rules, value sets and regulatory data. Designed as basic-level access.
  • Manager - same functionality as Reviewer with the ability to upload positions. Also able to view properties and data views allowing rule analysis. Designed as the standard role for compliance users.
  • Administrator - same functionality as Manager with the additional ability to view, edit, create and delete users and portfolios alongside rule approval. Also able to view audit log and previous uploads. Designed to provide day-to-day administrative control for Rapptr to the user.
  • API - specific role designed to be assigned for login via the API. Provides the ability to upload data and receive status responses. API users are not able to login to the system.
  • Tech - this role was specifically designed with our clients' IT teams in mind. Tech users will be able to log in and carry out technical tasks, without being able to action any results.
  • Rapportr View Only - this role was specifically designed for non day-to-day FundApps users in mind. These users will be able to log in see the Rapportr functionality we have without impacting disclosures

To manage users the following article provides the steps to be taken by an Administrator.


Privilege Matrix 

Function Action Administrator Manager Reviewer Tech API Rapportr View Only 
Audit Trail View        
Companies View        
Companies Create / Edit / Delete          
Data Overrides Create / Edit          
Data Overrides View      
Data Views View      
Disaggregations View          
Filing Manager View/Download    
Filing Manager Create / Edit / Delete        
Global Company Database View    

Issuer Requests

Create / Download      
Portfolios Download        
Portfolios Upload      
Portfolios View  ✔  ✔    
Portfolios Create / Edit        ✔  
Portfolios Assign Rule Folder        ✔  
Portfolios Assign Aggregation        ✔  
Portfolios Set Warning %      
Properties View      
Regulatory Data View    
Results Annotate    
Results View    
Results Verify / Reject      
Results Assign / Take      
Results (disclosure) Disclose / Generate       
Results (disclosure) Mark as Filed        
Rules View Individual    
Rules Approve          
Rules Deactivate          
Rules Set Warning %        
Rapportr View  
Uploads View Previous        
Uploads Import Positions    
Tasks View      
Tasks (FundApps) View    
Tasks (FundApps) Assign / Confirm    
Transactions Import    
Users View        
Users Create / Edit / Delete          
Value Sets View    
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