Rule Execution and Missing Data


This article explains how FundApps processes the data it is given. When a positions file is uploaded to FundApps there are 3 stages of processing:

1. Position File validation: are you providing mandatory properties? Is the file correctly formatted? are input data formats correct? etc. If so FundApps will begin running the rules.

2. Rule checking: Every rule is checked against all relevant portfolios and entities. During checking, if a rule requires data which is not in the file (e.g. for a rule checking the percentage of voting rights, the TotalVotingRights figure is missing), FundApps will mark the result of this rule "Unknown" and move on to the next rule.

3. Missing Data table: At the end of every check run, FundApps processes all Unknowns and creates a list of unique data issues, e.g. If TotalSharesOutstanding was missing for one issuer and 3 rules were flagged as "Unknown" because of this, you would have 1 single Missing Data issue.




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