Managing Support Ticket Requests

As stated in this article, you have the option of emailing queries directly to or by raising a ticket via the Help Centre by clicking on “Submit a Request” on the upper right-hand side of the Help Centre home screen.

Regardless of which method you chose, all queries sent to support can be viewed and managed in the Help Centre. Here, you can view the current status of your query, as well as the chain of communication. Certain users may also be granted access to view all queries raised within their organisation.

The first step to managing your tickets is to sign up to the FundApps Help Centre ( Click “Sign In” on the upper right-hand side. When prompted to sign in with an email and password, you can either:

  1. Sign Up - if you have not previously sent an email to, or
  2. Get A Password - if you have previously sent an email to

Once you have set up a password, you will be able to view and manage your ticket requests.

How to view your queries

1. From the FundApps Help Centre screen (, click the drop-down box on the upper right with your name, and select “My activities”. This will allow you to view all of your tickets.


2. Above the listing of tickets, you have the ability to select “My Tickets” or “Requests I’m CC’d on”. Select “My Tickets” to see all the tickets you have raised and their status. You can view any queries that you have been included in via CC by selecting “Requests I’m CC’d on”.


Viewing requests across your organisation

If you would like to request permission to view all tickets raised by your organisation, please send us a message to and we can review the permissions and notify you once access is granted. You can then select “Organisation Requests” to view all of your organisation’s tickets.


How to manage your queries

Status Filters

You can not only view your open tickets via the Help Centre screen, you can also check the status of your queries and filter accordingly.

New means the request has been received but not yet taken by a member of the FundApps team.

Open means the request has been assigned and that the FundApps team is working to resolve your query.

Awaiting your reply means the FundApps has a follow-up question for you.

Solved means that your query has been resolved. You can reopen solved requests until they are closed.

Closed means that we have closed the request and this ticket cannot be reopened. You can however create a follow-up request for a closed request.

Responding to a ticket

If you would like to respond to your open queries directly from this screen, simply click on the query, scroll down to the bottom of the page and a text box will appear where you can submit a response to your open issue.


Alternatively, you can respond to the original email, ensuring that is included.

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