API Upload Integration

To automate the position file upload process, clients can upload via an API integration. 

All our information about integrating via API is available on our Techdocs page.

A successful upload will trigger the following email:

Dear <user>,
New results are now available for 2015-12-07 in FundApps.

Breach: 1 (1 new)
Disclosure: 27 (27 new)
Warning: 5 (5 new)
Info: 5 (5 new)
FundsChecked: 1 (1 new)

You can view the results using this link:

Best regards,
The FundApps Team

A failed upload will trigger the following email:

Subject: FundApps Staging - Automated file upload failed validation
Dear APIUser,
The automated upload to FundApps via our API has failed validation. This means
your automated checks are unable to run. Please review the uploads listed here:


You can view the validation results by clicking the 'Retry' button.

If you require any further assistance please contact FundApps support,
quoting Job ID 11f24915-35a0-45e5-8629-a6100041xxxx

Best regards,
The FundApps Team

For more information regarding what to do after a failed validation upload, please see the article linked here.

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