How to Prepare Your Query for FundApps Support

This article outlines best practices in structuring your support query so that our client services staff can resolve your queries quickly and accurately. This article will cover the below topics:


General Tips

  • Search for related articles on the Help Centre before contacting support.
  • Include as much detail as possible: NAV date, Issuer ID or Instrument ID, screenshots, FundApps environment.
  • With any problems let us know what you have done so far and the steps you have taken to investigate issues.


System Errors

These problems arise when FundApps behaves unexpectedly or you receive an error unrelated to regulatory issues. Checklist before sending query:  

1. Can this error be reproduced by us? If not, it will take us a long time to investigate due to the complexities involved.

2. Provide a step-by-step method to reproduce this error.

3. Screenshots of the error are essential including any relevant sections in the input file. 

4. Include key details such as NAV Date of the file, issuer name, etc. 


Rule Dispute Queries

Please take a look at our dedicated article on how best to raise regulatory queries at this link.

In summary, consider the following before sending a query: 

1. Which part of the rule do you disagree with?

2. What is your understanding of how the rule should function?

3. Check and provide the specific part of the memo in aosphere that you are disputing. 

4. Provide documentation for your interpretation e.g. memos from different law firms or regulators.

  • Consider whether any (potentially) conflicting legal advice has been provided based on a specific transaction or detailed consideration of your firm's corporate structure and if the considerations are outside of the scope of aosphere's general coverage (e.g. you've obtained legal advice about how to consider a specific fund's legal personality in aggregation).
  • The more conceptually driven legal interpretation, with reference to regulatory text and logical clarity (clearly articulated premises and conclusion), the better.
  • Consider those specific responses from regulators may have been provided based on facts of a specific circumstance, and may not necessarily be applicable generally. The more broad-based responses, the better.

5. Check whether you are using the latest version of the rule? Check the history of the rule.

6. Please note that if the memo is ambiguous, FundApps may have taken a more "conservative" interpretation of the rule or have made certain assumptions in order to automate certain considerations - check the rule Explanation for details.


Queries Regarding Rule Results

For specific rule results, consider this list before sending a query: 

1. What is the rule you are referencing?

2. Which Nav date did the result trigger? 

3. What is the key in question?


4. If you are in doubt of how the rule has calculated the result, take a look at the article on how rules work.

5. What specific part of the law/expressions used/properties used could we help you to understand?

6. As the FundApps outputs result solely depends on the data that is fed into the system, please check your input and data overrides.


Queries Regarding Unknown Errors

This section covers questions regarding unknown results. Checklist before sending query: 

Firstly, please have a look at our articles around file validation, unknowns, and missing data.

1. What is the rule you are referencing?

2. Which Nav date did the result trigger? 

3. What is the key in question?

4. Include the Reason you see when you click on the errors.

5. What Environment (Staging/Production) did this error occur in?


FundAppsUsage Queries

This section is regarding any questions to do with user access, passwords, accounts, etc. Please note the following before sending a query:

1. Our security policy does not allow us to send user logins or reset passwords. We leave all user management to the client Admins for the FundApps systems. Please see Managing Users for guidance.

2. For user account-related issues we suggest contacting your FundApps administrator first. 


Feature Request

We are always happy to hear our clients' views on our system - it is how we improve! However, any feature/system changes are deployed to all FundApps environments around the world and we have to make sure that each new feature fits appropriately for all our clients. We are constantly improving our service thanks to the feedback we get, so please do not stop bringing new ideas to the table.

You can submit a feature request through the Feature Requests board which is a private domain for FundApps clients within our Community portal. Therefore, you will need to create an account if you do not already have one. Click on the invite link and follow the steps stated.

Within the Feature Requests section, you can submit future requests/enhancements, where they will be alongside other ideas under consideration from clients. Changes can be considered by our product team, it would be visible to our other clients and you'll receive updates appropriately along with input (comments and upvotes) from others.


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