Result Types & Icons

This article explains the different result related icons used in the shareholding disclosure world.


result-funds-checked.png Fund Checked: The portfolio/entity was checked against the FundApps' rule database. 

result-ok.png Okay: No other alert was triggered, meaning that no threshold was crossed and the position is neither approaching a threshold nor above the initial threshold.

result-precondition-not-met.pngPrecondition not met: Some rules require a precondition to be met before the rule will be run. If the precondition isn't met, a grey icon will be visible. 

result-breach.pngBreach: This alert is triggered on certain Regulatory rules or by Rapptr control rules

result-disclosure.pngDisclosure: This result is triggered when a disclosure filing is required on a specific position, due to the crossing of a specific threshold.

result-warning.png Warning: Result is approaching a breach/disclosure threshold. The warning triggers when a result gets within a specific percentage range of a threshold. 

result-info.png Info: Result is above the minimum threshold, but hasn't crossed a threshold since the last disclosure, or if the value is zero. Please refer to individual rules for details (Alert Levels). 

result-unknown.png Unknown: The rule was unable to run against the portfolio, therefore the result is unknown. This is normally caused by data required by the rule not being included in the portfolio. This can be viewed using the missing data screen and is shown via the result details screen for the result in question.  For more info please see this page on Common Unknowns. 

Warnings, Precondition not met and Info alerts do not require specific actions from users, although you can mark it as 'closed' to acknowledge the warning.

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