How to Approve a New Rule

Whenever the FundApps Content team releases a new rule, a rule approval task for the rule will generate in the Task List on the Rapptr Dashboard.

Rule approval tasks will always be shown at the top of the task list, as it is essential that the user looks at these as a matter of high priority. Only users with Admin privileges have the ability to approve rules. Before a user has approved the rule, Rapptr will not run it.


Clicking into the task, Rapptr will display the following page which compares the differences between the rule versions and gives you the option to approve this rule. 


The user should have a thorough look at this screen and only approve the rule if the changes make sense and the user is in agreement with the interpretation of the regulation in question. To verify the code change please use the "Legal Source" link, which will take the user directly to the relevant place in the A&O Rulefinder portal. 

If the user disagrees with the way we have coded the rule or do not understand the change, please contact the FundApps support team by emailing and we'll be more than happy to explain the rule change.

Once approved, you can also go back to the rule page and compare the rule versions in the history tab as such:


The aftermath of approving a Rule

After approving a rule, Rapptr will not automatically update the results which were generated before the new rule was approved. In order for the updated/new rule to go into effect a file has to be uploaded or rerun. If a file is re-run, Rapptr will override the results generated by the older version of the rule.

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