How to Approve a New Rule Version

FundApps will periodically release new versions of existing rules, which will create a task in the Task List of your Dashboard. These rule approval tasks are strategically positioned in the main Dashboard at the top of the Task List, emphasising their high priority. It's important to note that only users with Administrator privileges possess the ability to approve rules.

Approving the Rule Version

After clicking on the rule approval task, your environment will display the following page, which will compare the differences between the rule versions. This is where you also have the option to approve the new version.


It's crucial that all rule changes are carefully evaluated before granting approval. Ensure that all proposed updates align with your understanding of the regulation in question. 

To verify these changes, the user can access the Legal Source link located in the upper right-hand corner of the version comparison screen. This link will direct you to the corresponding section within the aosphere Rulefinder Portal, providing direct access to the relevant information. 

Users can confidently validate any changes and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations by utilising the Legal Source link.

What if I Disagree with the Rule Interpretation? 

If you disagree with the way the rule has been coded or need help understanding the change, please get in touch with the FundApps Support team. We would be more than happy to explain the changes.

What to Do After a Rule Version Has Been Approved

After approving a rule, the engine will not automatically update any results generated before the new version is approved. For the new version to go into effect, a file must be uploaded or rerun. If a file is re-run, the results generated by the older version of the rule will be regenerated and replaced.

Once a rule version is approved, you can also go back to the rule page and compare the rule versions in the history tab. An example is shown below.


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