Rule Commentary via our Client Community

Rule Commentary allows you to discuss our regulatory rules with a passionate community of clients and FundApps experts, with just a few clicks of your mouse from within your environment. 

Rule Commentary is the place to go to share your opinion or seek feedback from others on anything at all relating to a specific rule. You might be keen to discuss interpretation of the regulation, the disclosure filing process or even a very specific detail of a rule.

It is also a good way of asking specific regulatory questions to our Regulatory Content team e.g. “I'm interested in how other clients populate 13F for non-managed securities in Canada.”

Benefits of Rule Commentary

  • Access to a group of regulatory experts and asset managers with a collective wealth of knowledge and experience
  • A place to obtain further supporting evidence to help change rules and regulations (if applicable)
  • Get a deeper insight into how FundApps works with regulators and aosphere to reshape the compliance landscape

How does it work?

To submit a new rule comment, click on a specific rule from anywhere within your environment and then click 'Comments'. 

Write down your thoughts or question in the box and then click 'post comment'.


Any new rule comments made by someone in our community, whether that's you or someone else, will appear on the dashboard, in the column to the right. 

From here, you can simply scroll through the list and then click on anything that's of interest. 



From this screen, you can view all the existing comments and add your own comment (in the same way as detailed above). 



From the Rules screen, you can see all rules with existing comments.



We welcome and encourage you to provide feedback on existing functionality and ideas for new features, so please drop us a line and let us know.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. When should I expect a response?

A. Engagement from other clients is expected but subject to their own discretion. Our Content team will comment within 2 business days if applicable, but we also want to leave time for other clients' input.

Q. Who can respond to my query/comment?

A. Other clients from our community and also anyone with relevant expertise from FundApps, which could be our Client Services, Regulatory Content or Product teams.

Q. Will I be able to set the user name which will be visible to the FundApps community?

A. No. Each user will be identified by their first name and the first initial of their last name. For example, John Smith will be visible to the FundApps community as John S.

Q. Will I be able to set the company name which will be visible to the FundApps community?

A. Yes. Each company will have the opportunity to set its own company name. Until then, the default is for your company name to be displayed to the FundApps community.

The default view would be:

John Smith is a user at Main Street LLC.

How John Smith appears to colleagues: John Smith @ Main Street LLC
How John Smith appears to all other FundApps users: John S. @ Main Street LLC

If Main Street LLC decides to update their organisation's name to US Hedge Fund:

How John Smith now appears to colleagues: John Smith @ Main Street LLC
How John Smith now appears to all other FundApps users: John S. @ US Hedge Fund


If you would like to update the way your company is visible to the rest of the FundApps community, please send us a message at


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