Log-in Issues

It is FundApps' security policy only to let our clients manage the users who have access to their systems.

Please contact one of your FundApps Admin users for account management related issues. 

As a standard of best practice, we recommend having more than one administrator set up for security purposes and to cover any holiday/sick leave which may create a block to getting issues such as the below resolved.

Password Reset

You can reset your password on the login page, or if you do not have access, any FundApps user with an admin role can do it for you. If you navigate to the Users page (Admin > Users), please select the user you wish to reset the password for and click the button Send Login in the right hand corner. 

If the reset email takes longer than 30 minutes to arrive, please check your spam filters. 

New Users

Only a FundApps Administrator can create new users and send them their login details via email. Please see this article for further information. 

Common Issues & Solutions

Example Error 1: "Sorry, the page submission you made was blocked"

This error typically appears when cookies are disabled or not sent correctly from the browser.

The steps to enable this in each browser are below:

Chrome: Select the menu icon (three dots on the top right) > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Cookies > Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended).

Firefox: Select the menu icon (three lines on the top right) > Options > Privacy & Security > History > Firefox will Remember history. Alternatively, if this is currently set on "Firefox will Use custom settings for history", tick the box under "Accept cookies from websites".

Internet Explorer: Select the Tools button on the top right, then select Internet options.
Select the Privacy tab, and under Settings, select Advanced and choose if you want to allow, block, or be prompted for first and third-party cookies.

If cookies are disabled, ensure that the domains of your FundApps instances are exempted from this.

If cookies are accepted, however, you could try clearing any cookies set for ".fundapps.co" in the browser using the 'Remove individual cookies' option by following the above steps.

If you recently updated the browser, temporarily disable any password auto-fill extensions or saved logins in the browser, as these may be causing the issue post-upgrade.

Finally, it may be worth attempting to log in using a 'New Private Window' in Firefox or a 'New incognito window' in Chrome to see if this makes a difference, as different extensions and cookies are available under that browser view.

If you are trying to change your password, failure to have this resolved with the above means that you would have to liaise with your IT department to run your browser in administrator mode, which will enable you to change your password. However, please do contact FundApps prior to bringing this up with your internal IT department so we can look into this at a deeper level.

These checks would also help FundApps Support understand which steps you have tried to isolate the issue.

Example Error 2: No password reset link emails

At first instance, it is worth checking your spam folder or any email filtering (on your local computer or company-wide IT tool) that may catch a password reset email.

If you have changed email addresses at a point in time, please ensure that a block was not put up for these emails. The email domains that are accepted in FundApps for your organisation are those that you specified during the implementation phase (we can make amendments to these upon request).

Following that, please contact Support to verify that the reset emails have been sent to your email address.

Example Error 3:  Successful password reset but still unable to access FundApps

Bear in mind that after five attempts with the wrong username/password combination, the account will be locked.

Under Admin > Audit trail and under the Category drop-down list, select Session. Here, users can see which users have attempted to log in with an invalid email address or password by searching for:

  • 'InvalidEmailAddressOrPassword': shows all failed attempts to log in to both the UI and API, including the ones by APIUSER accounts
  • 'Failed API login attempt for user': this will show failed logins to the API for all users.

Note: Our system is not case-sensitive.

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