Why Results Can Differ Between Environments

If you have both a “production” and “staging” environment and have results for a particular NAV date in the production environment and upload a file into the staging environment. While you may expect the results to be mirrored in the staging environment, you could potentially see different results. Here are some reasons why:

Results are not appearing, or appear with different values

  • The active rules differ between production & staging environments (e.g. rules deactivated, rules not approved).
  • You are uploading a different position in the XML file in staging
  • There are different aggregation structures in production & staging
  • The portfolios/entities have different rule folders in production & staging
  • The data overrides are different in production & staging
  • The RegData has changed since the file was last run
  • The disclosure history (which can be seen in the Results Chart) is not the same due to different disclosure values and imported disclosures
    • Most rules rely on yesterday’s results, which will need to be the same across environments
    • Some rules also rely on Historic Disclosure values (e.g. LastDisclosureValue, LastDisclosureValue)

Results with the same value have different status (e.g. OK instead of Warning)

  • You have a different warning level set-up at entity/rule or combined level
    Otherwise, same as “Results Not Appearing"

Next steps

  • Export portfolios from the production environment & import to staging to ensure they are the same
  • Export data overrides from the production environment & import to staging to ensure they are the same
  • Ensure all imported disclosures are the same in both environments
  • Ensure all rules are approved in the production and staging environments 
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