Issuer Requests

Issuers have the option to reach out to the investors and ask to share the ownership amount. This is known as an Issuer Request. There are certain jurisdictions where investors are required to release this information upon the issuer's request. An example of this is the United Kingdom where these are referred to as 793 disclosures, pointing to section 793 of the relevant legislation. 

FundApps has developed this feature to streamline the process of obtaining issuer information in a few clicks.

You can navigate to Issuer Request directly from your Dashboard by selecting Issuer Request under Results drop-down menu. 


On the Issuer Request page, you can filter out the information you need. This includes the date, aggregation tree, entity, and ISINs for the issuer. Once provided, click on Show Total Shares, and voila! 


This is a sample result generated. What we see here is a summary table for the issuer. You can also use Issuer Request for internal monitoring purposes. If you have a standard email you send to the issuers you can copy this information without any further calculations or manipulation needed. 

Otherwise, click Generate Document on the right-hand side and we will generate a standardized form that is auto-populated for you. You can simply review the form and send it to the relevant issuer for submission. 




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