Cancelling a Pending Positions File Upload


Step 1: On the main FundApps dashboard, click on Admin on the upper right.

Step 2: Navigate to the Previous Uploads page (Uploads > Previous Uploads).

Step 3: Click on the red `Cancel file` icon.

Step 4: Enter your company name as prompted by the security pop-up. This is put in place to prevent file uploads being accidentally cancelled.

Once the file has been cancelled, this will change the State for that file from `Pending` to `Cancelled.`

Please note that only positions files which are pending (i.e. have not started processing) can be cancelled. Files which are In Progress state, cannot be cancelled and the button will not appear.



Q. Can any user type cancel a positions file?

A. Given that only Administrator users have the ability to view the Previous Uploads page, they are the only ones who have the user privilege to cancel.

Q. Can I cancel a portfolios file that is being uploaded?

A. This function only gives the ability for administrator users to cancel positions file uploads.

Q. How do I know which administrator user has cancelled a file upload?

A. This will be documented within the audit trail (Admin > Audit Trail) and will appear under the messages column with the note that the user has "cancelled file upload." 

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