FundApps COVID-19 / Coronavirus FAQ


As global events surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve, we are keeping a close eye on the latest updates and are committed to ensuring continuity of business and seamless support. To date, no FundApps employees have been affected by Coronavirus. In full preparation, however, we are taking necessary preventative measures.

As of March 17, all FundApps employees are working remotely. Our Information System is designed to allow staff to work the same way as if they were in the office - interactions with clients will not change.

Please see below for COVID-19 FAQs:

Does FundApps have an up-to-date pandemic plan?
FundApps maintains a Business Continuity Plan (accessible through the Client Environment), which includes provisions for pandemics. These provisions stipulate that in the case of a pandemic affecting regions where FundApps operates, government-issued advice must be followed immediately. It also lists actions which need to be taken if the plan is activated.

Please describe any policies or procedures that have been imposed or enhanced at any of your offices as a result of COVID-19 (e.g. travel restrictions, work-from-home requirements)? 
FundApps has provided all staff with health recommendations and instructed all employees to work from home.

What percent of your employees have remote working capabilities?  How has this capability been tested?
All of our staff have remote working capabilities. This is tested continuously through working-from-home arrangements as well as through our annual BCP test.

If FundApps' BCP is invoked, what impact can we expect? How will you communicate with your clients?
Our BCP is designed and tested in order to ensure there is no impact on our clients should we need to activate it. Should we anticipate impacts on the service we provide, we will immediately inform our clients through the Client Success team and/or the notification system.

What workflows or manual actions do you have that can’t be performed remotely?
Our remote access solution allows us to perform securely all the tasks required for our platform to fully operate and support our clients.

Have you reached out to your critical vendors to understand their planning efforts and/or impacts? 
FundApps' critical subcontractors have Business Continuity Plans in place to ensure business continuity in critical situations, including pandemics.

As a client of FundApps, if my organisation activates a BCP, what do you expect from us? 
If your organisation activates a BCP in response to COVID-19 and this activation could impact the service we provide to you, please contact your Client Success Manager or get in touch with our FundApps Support team.

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