CommoditySymbols Mismatching with FIA Tech

When an instrument is provided with a CommoditySymbol that does not match with FIA Tech's data, an unknown will be triggered on your dashboard. This unknown will have RED cells for all columns since the system cannot match your position against the FIA data. This also means that for all positions on the relevant exchange, the system will show an 'unknown' because the system cannot conclude which instruments should be aggregated on that exchange whilst there are CommoditySymbols that don't match with FIA.

To identify which CommoditySymbols are mismatching, click the "view" button!



This will show a list of the CommoditySymbols that didn't match with FIA. This will show you all the assets with the specific CommoditySymbols you will need to check and either create a data override or replace in your positions file.



In order to identify the applicable FIA Tech CommoditySymbol, you can navigate to the FIA exchange data page and select the exchange, where the contract causing the unknowns is traded. The column "Contract Code" displays the CommoditySymbol required by the engine to correctly aggregate your positions and monitor them against the relevant limits.



If addressing the CommoditySymbol mismatch via a data override, some clients might choose to use the property Market as the condition property. This means that all contracts with the specified CommoditySymbol that are traded on the defined market will be affected and their CommoditySymbol aligned with FIA Tech's identifier. Please see the following screenshot as an example:


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