Submitting XML Files to BaFin

From July 1st, 2020 the BaFin has decided that substantial shareholding disclosures will now be handled via their Reporting and Publication Platform (Melde und Veröffentlichungsplattform – MVP) electronic portal. From that date Word documents sent by fax or mail will no longer be accepted, as a result, FundApps will now generate an XML file for the Major Germany rules.

In order to use the MVP portal you must be registered, which has to be done in advance of the deadline. There is no transition or grace period, and BaFin has advised that being in the midst of the registration application process will not be an acceptable reason to delay notifications. For those who have not yet done so, we encourage you to please begin the registration process at your earliest possible convenience in order to avoid problems.

FundApps can now generate an XML for you to upload, but there are a number of steps you will need to do on your own. We have detailed these in this user guide.

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