What shall I do if ASIC rejects my position filing?

There may be several reasons ASIC rejects a filing. In most cases, it would require correcting some data points in the file and then uploading and sending to ASIC again to replace the previous filing.

Possible rejection messages:

Submission Message in UI


Late Lodgement (...)

The report has been lodged after the T+3 9am due date (AEST). Report data is still stored by ASIC but not included in the asic.gov.au publications, user should contact ASIC at to inform the late lodgement.

Position report received for unexpected financial product.

Stock Code is invalid. The user needs to upload a file with the correct Stock Code and re-send the filing to ASIC, the Stock Code should match the Australian Exchange format.

Other - Unlisted financial product 

The financial product is no longer listed. User needs to upload a file with correct Stock Code and re-send filing to ASIC

Unknown Party ID - Invalid 448

Seller ID is invalid. The user needs to upload a file with the correct Seller ID and re-send the filing to ASIC.

Other - Invalid 715

Position Date is not valid reporting day (e.g. weekend, Australian public holiday).

Send Data To ASIC Disabled

FundApps attempted to send the filing for 6 hours. Unfortunately, the connection failed due to ASIC being not available or other technical issues. The user needs to contact support@fundapps.co.

FundApps Unable To Connect To ASIC


For the Rejected - Submission Messages not listed above please contact support@fundapps.co



If you want to replace an incorrect entry (e.g. Seller ID is invalid) from a previously uploaded file, please make sure to also include all filings that were sent correctly for that given reporting day. This is important as re-sending data to ASIC will overwrite the preceding bundle and replace everything that was previously submitted.


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