Managing Unknown Results in your Position Limits Dashboard

There are a few reasons you may experience unknowns in your Position Limits dashboard, and in this article, we outline some of the key causes and resolutions to bring your environment back to health. 

Data Issues

The first point of action is to check the Missing Data tab, as this will highlight properties or values that are missing or need to be remapped.


Incorrect contract code

You may receive an unknown where the CommoditySymbol you are providing for a specific contract from your data provider does not match with the contract code that FIA has for this specific contract. To locate the list of CommoditySymbols used by FIA Tech please click on the FIA Tab within the Position Limits Dashboard. From here, you will see a list of contract codes for a specific market (the system is set to default to AFET). By clicking on the Exchange: drop-down on the left-hand side, you can select the particular operating MIC you are looking for and will then be able to see the contract codes that are associated with that MIC. 


In order to correct this incorrect data, we recommend correcting the CommoditySymbol that is being provided in your position file to match that of FIA. However, if you are unable to update the position file with the correct CommoditySymbol, you could implement an override that specifies where a Market is X, override the CommoditySymbol you are currently providing with the correct CommoditySymbol FIA has designated for this contract. Example below:


*the overrides for CommoditySymbol are case and symbol sensitive

Duplicate Unknowns caused by one missing CommoditySymbol

As the rules are connected and aggregate into each other one incorrect CommoditySymbol can prevent other rules from being calculated, so you may see many unknowns due to one CommoditySymbol being incorrect. This is why a first step should also be to solve any items in the missing data tab.

Incorrect MIC

The Market value should be populated with the MIC for the primary market that the instrument is traded on. Please ensure that you provide the segment MIC in your positions file. 

Sample XML:


To ensure that you are mapping to the correct MIC please refer to the Position Limits Exchange Coverage page, which you can access here. If the incorrect market is supplied Rapptr will not be able to match the appropriate CommoditySymbol.

When providing the MIC in your position file, you will need to supply the segment MIC that that particular contract is traded on; however you may notice that the Position Limits Dashboard will list the Exchange as the operating MIC as FIA Tech map based on the operating MIC. For example, the above MIC will be supplied as XMRV in the positions file but is highlighted as BMEX in the dashboard.


Limit Effective From is Missing

FundApps scrape contract’s trading calendar data which is published by the relevant exchange. If you see an unknown with a message “Limit Effective From is Missing”, this is usually caused by an issue with the Calendar Data. Please contact, and we will investigate these unknowns for you.


As some exchanges require OpenInterestAllMonths unknowns can appear if this is not provided. It can be sourced via exchange sites, similar to here: 

As always, we highly recommend providing all properties directly in your position file to ensure data integrity and futureproofing. However, if a tactical solution is required in the interim, an override could be used to provide this information. 

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