Can I cancel my disclosure to ASIC?

You can manually cancel positions previously filed with ASIC and marked as ‘Filed’.



To do so, you need to upload a .csv file with ‘0’ (zero) values for the specific SellerID + PositionDate you would like to cancel with ASIC via the Filing Manager screen.



Re-sending data to ASIC will overwrite the preceding bundle for combination of SellerID + Position Date.


After uploading the .csv file, all data for the previous filing will be replaced and marked as ‘Unactioned’ in the Filing Manager, click ‘Send’ button to submit the filing with the regulator.




Once the filing is completed, status on the Filing Manager page will be updated to ‘Filed’.



Manual .csv file upload as well as a second filing will not be reflected in Result Details (status change or activity tab comments). For best practice, please update information in the activity tab in Result Details to reflect this update.





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