The FundApps Community


The FundApps Community is a space for compliance professionals to collaborate and share information to help with their disclosure responsibilities. Users access a suite of different services to benefit from a network of knowledge about regulatory compliance, such as:

      • Rules Commentary;
      • FundApps User Groups;
      • Product Roadmap Access;
      • Crowdsourced Data Mappings;
      • Regulator Registration;
      • Informative Events and Networking Opportunities;
      • The FundApps Academy; and
      • The Global Company Database (GCD)

Anyone can be a part of the community, from analysts to CCOs, to access crowdsourced information and validated data, making sure we all get it right. We like to call this our “1,000 eye check”.

Being a part of FundApps Community means you’ll never walk alone.

Rule Commentary

Our platform, FundApps, is informed by our deep rules library. All our Shareholding Disclosure clients can access these rules, read the explanations behind them, and the instructions on implementation. What’s unique to FundApps is that clients can also add comments to the rules, whether it’s to query it or to add any expertise they have to help other users. 

FundApps User Groups

In each jurisdiction we operate in (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific), we hold quarterly user groups where members get together to discuss anything from FundApps and our platform to industry trends and challenges. If you’re a client and want to get involved in the user group, just let your Client Services Manager know, and you’ll be added to the distribution list.

Product Roadmaps

Another way our clients get involved in what we build is by having access to our product roadmap, which is found here.  We make sure to communicate what’s been done and what’s coming down the line so they know what to expect. If you want to have access to leave comments on the roadmap, you will require a Notion guest account, which can be quickly set up by contacting your CSM or FundApps Support.

Crowdsourced Data Mappings

We are all about industry collaboration, and that’s why we have our mapping document hub as a shared resource for our Shareholding Disclosure clients. Here, they can collaborate, share and discuss which vendor fields one another use for each of the FundApps file properties.

Regulator Registration

In addition to collaborating on data mappings, we have also created a go-to hub for all things related to regulator registrations. Here is a shared resource for FundApps Shareholding Disclosure clients to collaborate, share and discuss which regulators use portals, require logins prior to first-time filings, and which filings must be made in the local language.

Exclusive Client Events

We love our clients, and we try and see them as much as we can. That’s why we put on a series of different events just for them. Get involved in our annual client conferences, or if you fancy a social, we host client drinks and networking events in a more informal setting. 

The FundApps Academy

The FundApps Academy is a growing series of online courses aimed at helping both those who are new to shareholding disclosure and those who want to deepen their knowledge.

Our Courses

Unlike legal information, which many already have access to, our seminars capture hard-won feedback forged from the real-world experiences of over 100 of the world’s largest asset managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and sell-side institutions who use our Shareholding Disclosure service.

Our courses are also CPD-accredited, so you can add these study hours to your CPD log.

Section 793 (The UK Companies Act)

This free course will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of issuer request disclosures within the UK. In just an hour, you will learn when you are required to respond to a Section 793 request and disclose your holdings, what defines a disclosable interest and what the sanctions are for failing to comply.

The European Transparency Directive

This course will enable you to navigate the European Transparency Directive with confidence. Including 12 video lessons and concise summary text, you will finish this course in half a day. Upon completion, you will have a comprehensive understanding of all of the different nuances in the Directive, including gold plating and aggregation.

EU Short Selling Regulation

This course will change the way that you manage short-selling regulations across the EU. Through 10 videos and concise summary text, totalling half a day's worth of content, you will learn the practical application of the regulation. This course covers disclosable assets, exposure calculation, netting and aggregation and more.

Takeover Panels

This course will change the way you manage the enhanced takeover panel disclosure requirements. There are 11 video lessons covering both general takeover transaction theory and all the nuances associated with accurate compliance with the disclosure rules enforced by the UK Takeover Code. The course takes just half a day to complete and you'll receive a Takeover Panel certificate upon passing the exam at the end.

And more are coming soon.

Global Company Database

Our Global Company Database (GCD) gives compliance professionals free access to company-specific information required for shareholder disclosures. 

The great thing about GCD is that the information is crowdsourced, meaning it's client-centric and comprehensive. From a company's general information and contact details to the source of the denominator information, you can make suggestions to update the platform’s data. A guide to submitting updates to the GCD can be found here

There Are Four Main Features of the GCD:

Companies with Limits

GCD serves as a free repository of data and information that has already been vetted and aggregated on behalf of users. We provide access to articles of association data for over 400 companies listed in:

      • Austria
      • Ireland
      • Belgium
      • The Netherlands
      • France
      • The UK
      • Portugal

Takeover Panel Data

GCD lists takeover panel data that FundApps has already compiled on behalf of clients. There are 18 different takeover panels included through an automated scraping process from the regulators themselves, thus eliminating risk and the need for duplicated work.

Sanctions Data

GCD brings entity sanctions lists together and unlike other sanctions databases, our data is available to use for free. Users can search for a sanctioned issuer in a user-friendly interface, reducing the time it takes to check investments and helping managers state confidently that they have the right controls in place.

Public Shareholding Disclosures

Publicly available shareholding disclosure filings for each issuer is just another time-saving tool bringing it all in one place in GCD rather than visiting or finding it out from lots of different places. Major shareholding is from the Netherlands only (from AFM, the regulator), short selling disclosures/most shorted companies cover 15 countries.

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