InvestmentManager13F Inconsistent Values - Validation Error


The FundApps team has enhanced the validation for 13F portfolio properties by adding warning messages when inconsistent data has been uploaded via either the UI or API upload. This will assist in identifying any inconsistencies in the portfolio file that need to be updated to ensure the 13F form generation process is seamless. 

The property in question is:

  • IsInvestmentManager13FReportingEligible

If this property is not identical across all portfolios referring to the same investment manager for 13F, this will cause an inconsistency which may prevent you from generating the 13F form accurately.

With this enhancement, you will notice a new warning message when importing both a valid or invalid portfolio file with inconsistent data when uploaded via the UI or the API. 

What to do when a Warning message is displayed:

  • Upload via the UI: If there are inconsistent values for the property in a valid file when uploading, the upload page will show the warning message and the file will still automatically be imported. Additionally, you will see the link to the uploaded data, but you will need to fix the inconsistencies and then re-upload.

  • Upload via the API: For a valid file, it will automatically import as it did previously, but the warning message will be sent back to the calling system. You might need to make the necessary changes in your internal system to capture and properly process this message and alert someone if necessary.

API Warning Messages

The changes will be deployed to our client environments on Wednesday, March 15 2023. If you have any questions, please reach out to FundApps Support

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