Setting up Filing Manager FISE and Understanding the Workflow

FundApps has automated the process to disclose net short position with Finansinspektionen, the Swedish regulator, to ensure your Filing Manager is ready to be used with this jurisdiction. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure you have saved in your Portfolios/Entities page under “Forms Properties” the LEI of the Entity reporting the position. We need this information to validate we are passing the correct data to the regulator.

  1. Set-up in FM FISE your acceptable threshold for the Total Shares Outstanding variance

The FISE Workflow

Validation 1: The Swedish portal automatically populates “The issuer’s total amount of issued shares (all shares classes)” once we have selected the issuer to be reported. If this value doesn’t match the value provided to FundApps by the user, we will use the threshold criteria to validate if we should proceed with the filing. 

Let’s say you have added an acceptable variance of 10 shares in FM, which means that if you were trying to report the ISIN above, and your Total Shares Outstanding (including treasury shares) = 49623820, our robot would proceed with the filing given is inside the 10 shares variance threshold.

Validation 2: We will check that the “Position in percent(%)” calculated on the website matches with the value from FundApps and has not diverged given the difference in total shares outstanding.

If these two criteria are met, we will proceed with the filing. The submission message in Filing Manager should display the  “The issuer’s total amount of issued shares (all shares classes)” value from the regulator in case you would like to adjust this in FundApps.

Also important to note that when the user clicks “Send” in Filing Manager, our robot will retrieve the QR code that must be validated with the user’s one-touch app. The user will have up to 5 minutes to perform this action. If it fails, they can retry by submitting again and making sure they validate the QR code in their app.

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