Foreign Exchange Rates

Our FX rates are provided by Open Exchange Rates -

Our engine uses data that is at most three hours old. If we get a request (through a file run for example) and the exchange rate data is over three hours old, we will pull fresh data from this source.

Exchange rates are used for the conversion of any instrument currencies in FundApps. For example, where a jurisdiction requires the calculation of values in a specific currency. They are also used for any conversions into portfolio currencies (if needed) and between different portfolios during aggregation.

There is one exception - we use a separate source for HKD vs. Renminbi and USD as recommended by the SFC for the Hong Kong Short Selling Value rule denominator. We get this information from the HKEX website every six hours at:

Please note that the engine stores historical exchange rates (EOD values). So if re-running a previous position file (for example when the SEC publishes new 13F list), EOD exchange rates for that specific snapshot date are applied to avoid discrepancies.

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