Creating Portfolios, Entities and viewing Aggregation

If you have less than 10 portfolios and are unlikely to be adding new portfolios often then you can create new portfolios via the UI.

Portfolios can be created, edited, and deactivated from the Portfolios screen (Main Menu > Portfolios & Entities).


Within FundApps there are two levels rules are checked at:

  1. Portfolio - base portfolios that hold assets 
  2. Entity - used for the aggregation of portfolios and other entities. Portfolios can only be aggregated into entities

Creating Portfolios 

  1. Open the new portfolio screen using the new button from the toolbar 
  2. Provide the required properties in the Details section
  3. Provide any additional portfolio properties required. For further information on the properties required to set up a portfolio please click here.
  4. Save the portfolio via the button at the bottom of the screen 
  5. Define the rules run against the portfolio 
  6. Define aggregations as required

Creating Entities

Entities are created using the same method as portfolios.

Viewing Aggregation

Login to your environment and navigate to the Portfolio menu (the folder icon located in the top right corner of your navigation bar).



Click into one of your existing portfolios, entities, or umbrellas. Select the Aggregations tab on the left side.

The Aggregation tab allows you to adjust the aggregation structure.



Through the drop-down menus on the aggregation tab users can create and alter the firm’s internal hierarchy structure, which is used to determine reporting obligations. FundApps offers two methods for providing your company’s corporate hierarchy info:

UI Method (for simpler aggregation structures)

The UI Method is a manual method for linking existing portfolios, umbrellas, and entities to depict your firm’s internal hierarchy structure. For each entity, portfolio, and umbrella, access the Aggeration tab and select a parent entity in the drop-down menu.

Import Method (for complex aggregation structures)

In cases where it is not prudent to manually create aggregation structures, you can import a portfolio file with your aggregation instead. If your firm is utilising the Import Method, please complete the appropriate Portfoliod in each applicable column of the Portfolio Upload File Template and upload to FundApps via the Import button.


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