How to Contact Support

Help Centre

The most efficient way to contact the support team at FundApps is by submitting requests through the Help Centre. Click 'Contact Us' on the top right of the page, then use the 'Submit a request' dropdown to provide any information required and click 'submit'.

We recommend signing in with an account, as this allows several additional functions: you can track existing requests, set priority, and see at a glance which tickets require your response. 

Creating an account is quick and painless:

Click on "Sign in" > Sign up > include your name, email and select “Sign up”, after which you'll be sent an email for a confirmation.

Signing in with an account also grants access to our Feature Requests board. You can submit feature requests/enhancements there which will be considered by the Product team. These requests are also visible to our other clients and you will receive updates appropriately along with input (comments and upvotes) from others.

If you have an account and email, given that there is an account associated with this email address, the question will appear under your "My activities" section.



Business as Usual Support

Please email with any queries or click the "Submit a Request" link on the upper right-hand side of the screen here in the Help Centre. For additional information on how to manage and view your email requests, please click here.

Our communication preference is email as multiple people are informed when a support email comes in. Please also feel free to call our support line. You can reach us at +44 20 3637 2177, which is manned from 9am to 6pm London time, +1 646 982 1436 from 9am to 6pm New York time, and +65 6978 3149 from 9am to 6pm Singapore Standard Time.


Critical Support

We have two issues which require critical support:

  1. You are unable to access the FundApps website OR you are unable to reach the Pre-Trade API end-point (and you have a valid login).
  2. You are unable to upload a positions file for checking; ie. you are able to log in but cannot establish a connection to upload the file (note: validation errors are out of scope)

In both cases, we would just ask you to confirm that your internet connection is working, but then email which will ensure that all the relevant people are notified immediately as we have a system called PagerDuty which will actively notify the person who is on support 24/7.

Alternatively call +44 20 3637 2177 for Europe, +1 646 982 1436 for North America, or +65 6978 3149 for APAC. Outside of normal office hours, we have a 24-hour virtual assistant who will take your call and route you through to a FundApps employee if you say that you are unable to access FundApps or are unable to upload a file. If your unable to speak with someone directly please ensure that you leave a message, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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