Reporting Person Details

Most standard forms used to disclose short positions under the European SSR regime have a section concerning the “Position Holder” and also a section concerning the “Reporting Person”. FundApps populates both sections.

On the portfolio screen, the Disclosure Form Properties can be set for both the Contact Details of the company, and also the details of the Reporting Person.

There are mainly three different types of usage of these properties. These are listed below together with instructions and output.


1. Identical Position Holder and Reporting Person

Instructions: Fill in only the Position Holder details and leave the Reporting Person details blank.
Output: The reporting person section of the forms will not be filled in since this is not required when the position holder and the reporting person are identical.

2. Always the same Reporting Person (regardless of who is logged into FundApps), different from the Position Holder

Instructions: Fill in both the Position Holder details and the Reporting Person details.
Output: Both the Positions Holder section and the Reporting Person section of the report will be filled in with the details entered.

3. Different Reporting Persons e.g. the person logged in to FundApps

Instructions: Fill in all Position Holder and Reporting Person details, leaving only ReportingPersonFirst, ReportingPersonLast, and ReportingPersonEmail blank. In this set up it is assumed that all persons reporting for the company have the same company, phone, fax, and company address (address, postcode, city, province, country).
Output: Both the Position Holder section and the Reporting Person section of the report will be filled in by FundApps, just leaving the name and email of the reporting person empty, for the correct person to fill in manually.

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