Multi-Disclosure Generation


Some jurisdictions require holdings in issuers to be monitored individually but reported together in one single disclosure form. To meet the regulators' expectations the FundApps functionality "Generate & Disclose -> All results for this rule" has been introduced to specific rules.

This allows FundApps to generate the document across multiple rule results and at the same time make sure the audit trail remains intact on the individual rule level. 




For these specific rules, a drop-down menu is now available in the result details screen on the "Generate & Disclose" button. Two options can be chosen, namely "This result only" and "All results for this rule".

  • This result only will generate the relevant document and change the status to Disclosing, on a business as usual basis.
  • All results for this rule will generate the aggregate document containing all individual results for that specific rule.

Using this functionality will further result in the following audit trail for all the individual triggered rules. Audit trails already generated by using "This result only" will not be overridden.


*Please note, this does not auto attached disclosure forms generated to the result. Please attached manually or when filing. 

When status has changed to Disclosing the action button "Mark as filed" will appear as normal. This button will also have two options, "This result only" and "Mark all as filed". As the options describe, using "Mark all as filed" will change the status of all the individual rules that were previously marked as "Disclosing" by the multi-result operation to "Filed".

It should be noted that using "Mark all as filed" on results that have been previously marked "Disclosing" via "This result only", will not mark them all as "Filed." In other words, "All results in this rule" and "Mark all as filed" should work together consecutively in a typical workflow.

Currently, the rules that support this functionality are:

  • Short selling: Australia - Percentage
  • Short selling: Australia - Value
  • Short Selling: Hong Kong -  Percent Limit
  • Short Selling: Hong Kong - Value Limit
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