Implementation Overview


The aim of the FundApps implementation process is to set up your environment to allow day-to-day use of Rapptr. 

Every step of the way, the FundApps client services team ( will be available to help you in this process.

Pre-Testing Phase

During implementation, there are 3 main activities undertaken by a customer before the testing phase:

  • Rapptr Setup
    • Portfolio Structure: creates the aggregation structure of funds and assigns properties to each portfolio, entity and company.
    • Positions Setup: populates the portfolios with holdings.
    • Users: creates users as well as different levels of privileges 
    • Obtain logins to Allen & Overy’s (legal information provider). You may request them by emailing stating you are a client of FundApps, including the username(s) you would like added.
  • Automated File Creation
    • Setting up a process to create a daily position file to provide Rapptr with the necessary information for checking. The details of what must be in file is available here and examples are on github. If you are trading index derivatives or ETFs you will need to provide composition information (i.e. Weighting) for these. Note: ETFs must be provided as the Unit asset class with the property IsETF populated as True.
  • File Delivery Mechanism
    • The positions file can be uploaded to FundApps via the website or the API. More information here.


Testing Phase

Having undertaken these 3 steps, the Rapptr environment is ready for User Acceptance Testing, which differs highly for all our clients. After this stage is completed, the system is ready to go live! 


Key Milestones

Putting all the steps together, irrespective of the number of portfolios, entities and positions being implemented, a typical implementation will have the following milestones:

  1. FundApps will provide: Rapptr access (client Administrator login(s)) and up to two Rapptr environments 
    1. A production environment (<customer-name>
    2. A staging environment (<customer-name> depending on whether this is explicitly included in the contract
  2. Request logins from, stating that you are a FundApps client, including the username(s) you would like added.
  3. FundApps will provide: Rapptr Initial overview and training session via web
  4. Setup: portfoliosusers, and rule approval 
  5. Setup: automated position file creation 
  6. Setup: automated position file delivery (can be done in parallel to 5) 
  7. FundApps will provide: 2nd Web training session, Q&A 
  8. Resolve: missing data errors
  9. Testing phase commences
  10. Go-live & enter normal support mode


Useful Resources

  • Data specs are found at:
  • Specs for automated uploads through our API are found here
  • Our online help & how-to guides are found at
  • If you have ANY suggestions on how to improve the product, please go to the feature requests section in Zendesk. We review these regularly and add them to our development pipeline.



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