FundApps Control Rules


The control rules will trigger a Warning result whenever assets are missing specific key properties and we have created these rules to keep track of assets where it might be difficult to provide accurate data. Additionally, if any property is missing and preventing a rule from running successfully, Unknown results will also be triggered.

How the Control Rules Work

FundApps has five Control Rules active, related to missing Country, Currency, ISIN, Issuer and Market input values. Below is an example of the country-specific rule.


As seen from the above, assets that do not have a value provided for CountryOfIssue or CountryOfIncorporation, or assets that have a value of "??" will fall in the scope of this rule and trigger a Warning result.

If it is not possible to provide CountryOfIncorporation for the asset, leaving the value blank or setting the value to "??" will capture the security in this rule.

The other Control Rules have a similar syntax. Either leaving the value blank or providing the value below will trigger the respective control rule.

Missing Property Suggested Defaults
CountryOfIssue/Incorporation ??
InstrumentCurrency ???
IssuerName/IssuerId UNKNOWN
Market/MarketsListedIn XMIC



As with other Warning results, the Control Rules act as more of an alert than an actionable item (for example, Breaches, Disclosures, and Unknowns). As such, there is no immediate action that needs to be taken.

However, it is important to note that assets missing key properties can become (or may already be) Unknowns in FundApps, which would require immediate action in order to avoid the possibility of missed disclosures.

Should anything still be unclear, please feel free to contact FundApps Support, and we'll be more than happy to help.

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