BaseDate Set-Up for Japanese SRS

The Japanese Special Reporting System (SRS) is applicable to investors who are engaged in trading securities as are part of their daily business activities without a controlled intent and must report within 5 business days from every 'base date', which occurs at least twice per month. The special reporting system is only applicable when the ratio of shareholdings is 10% or less.

An investor who wishes to report under the Special Reporting System in Japan may do so in FundApps by setting the base dates they have submitted to the regulator on each entity that is disclosable in Japan. There are two ways this can be done:

  1. Adding the column header "BaseDate" to the portfolio file in Excel and adding all base dates onto the entities; or
  2. Setting base dates manually in the UI within the entity Rule Properties.


In the instance of a base date falling on a weekend or holiday, FundApps will look at the last working day before the base date to determine if a base date has been crossed.

Permitted values

The base dates must be submitted as a comma-separated list, containing only the day in the month on which the base date occurs.

Numerical values are allowed from Day 1->28 and the string "LastDay" represents the last day of the month. To represent the second last day of the month, the input would be "LastDay-1" and this convention may be used up to "LastDay-28". 


If the base dates were the 10th and the last day of each month, the input should be 10, LastDay.


If the base dates were the 5th, 20th and second last day of the month, the FundApps input should be 5,20, LastDay-2.




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