IsREIT Property

The property IsREIT captures whether a given security is a share of a Real Estate Investment Trust. Here are some common questions asked about the property.


Q. How should IsREIT be populated?

A. IsREIT is a boolean, meaning it should be populated as “TRUE” or “FALSE” (or the numbers “1” or” 0” representing “TRUE” or “FALSE,” respectively). 

Q. Is it required to populate IsREIT for a positions file to validate?

A. Checking the properties information page at this link shows that IsREIT is not required to pass validation.  

Q. What will result from not providing IsREIT in our positions file?

A. Since IsREIT is not required for a positions file to validate, the positions will not be affected if IsREIT is not provided. However, a Missing Data alert will trigger if a rule requires the IsREIT property and it’s not populated.  

Q. Does IsREIT have a default value?

A. There is no default value for IsREIT. Since the property is a boolean, the effect of leaving it blank will be as if IsREIT were set to “FALSE.”

Q. What rules use IsREIT in the calculation?

A. The IsREIT property is used in the following rules:


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