Guide to aosphere Memo Updates

What Does FundApps Do Following an aosphere Memo Update?

  1. Determine if there is an impact on the rules as they currently exist (ie are there any changes in the memo that need to be reflected in a rule change)
  2. If a new rule change is required, develop a new rule version incorporating the aosphere memo changes
  3. Release the new rule version for clients to approve in their environments 

The FundApps Regulatory team also publishes a monthly list of rule updates that are being worked on. The list is published for transparency. The Regulatory team maintains the list of priorities and is responsible for final decisions on a priority level, but client feedback is factored into their decisions. There are also no set delivery dates for the items on the list. 

To see what rules-based memo updates the Regulatory team is currently working on, please see the Aosphere Updates topic linked here.

What Should a Client Do Following an aosphere Memo Update?

  • If you have thoughts on the memo update before the updated rule is released, please contact us in line with the guidelines below.
  • If a new/updated rule version is released, take advantage of Rule Approval. The new rule version will not take effect in the environment until it is actively approved by a user in any given environment. If you have questions or disagreements with the new rule version, wait to approve the new rule version until these are resolved. This way, your workflow will not be impacted, as the new rule version will not be in effect.
  • If you are happy with the updated rule version, use Rule Approval to approve the rule. The new rule will then be live in your environment!

Communicating Your View on an aosphere Memo Update

We welcome any regulatory correspondence that informs your view on aosphere memo updates. Please share this via FundApps Support.

We are also interested to know if a particular jurisdiction is a priority for you. For example, if an aosphere memo update occurs for Singapore and this is an important jurisdiction for your holdings, please let us know by contacting FundApps Support

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