The Position Limits Results Dashboard

This article covers the three rule types of Position Limits:

  • spot month limits
  • single month limits
  • all month limits


Spot Month Limits

Spot month limits become effective on a specific date during the front month (meaning the next expiry month). For example, the first spot-month limit in the example below takes effect on 28 Nov 2023.

Where a contract held is not the front-month contract (for example, it may be a later month) but that contract does have a spot-month limit, FundApps will display the date at which the spot-month limit will come into effect. Each contract month will have its own result and line in the Dashboard as below. 

Screenshot 2023-09-01 155107.png

If a limit is breached, but the spot-month limit is not yet in effect, FundApps will flag this as a "warning" and tell you, in addition to when the limit comes into effect, how many contracts you have breached it by and thus how much you need to unwind your position by to remain compliant before the limit is effective.

If no limit has been breached and the limit is not yet in effect, you will get an OK result.


Single Month Limits

Each contract month has its own result and line in the dashboard.

If a contract needs to be monitored against single and spot month limits, you will get a line for each in the dashboard for each contract month. In this way, it is possible to have more than one result type for the same contract code.Screenshot 2023-09-01 155232.png


All Month Limits

All month limits aggregate all contract months together. In other words, these limits are active at all points. As there are multiple contract months, the Dashboard will not show an entry for the ContractMonth.

Screenshot 2023-09-01 155310.png

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