Guide to ADRs - DRType

The property DRType is a required property for all ADRs.

Any ADRs that do not have a DRType will flag as Missing Data.


Valid inputs for DRType (inputs are in bold):

PDR: Philippine Depository Receipt
Unclassified: use this if no other DRType is relevant or you cannot source the data
NVDR: non-voting depository receipt
P-Note: participatory note
Sponsored: Sponsored ADR
Unsponsored: Unsponsored ADR

Example: DRType = "PDR"

If possible, you should provide DRType for all ADRs.

If it is not possible to provide this in the positions file, consider a default override to set DRType to Unclassified, in order to avoid missing data.



Q. Why doesn't FundApps default DRType to Unclassified automatically?

A. We think it is important for clients to 'own their data.' Consider, if DRType was automatically defaulted to Unclassified, there is a risk that the true value of the property would not be considered.


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