Global Company Database (GCD) - Requesting Changes or Edits to Issuer Data

If you believe that any of the issuer data we have in our system is incorrect, it's very easy to request a change via the Global Company Database (GCD). 

  1. Firstly navigate to the GCD section in our system (up at the top, next to our other services, such as PL or SD).
  2. Then enter the issuer name in the search box.
  3. Click on the relevant issuer, being careful to select the correct one.
  4. From here, click on the edit button next to any of the details you wish to edit, which could be anything from the ISIN to the denominator data source (see screenshot). 
  5. Fill in the form with all the necessary info and click submit


Your edits will be sent to our team of regulatory experts for review. Please note that if you wish to challenge the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), this will take you directly to the GLEIF website. Below is a gif that walks you through the process. 



Updating Issuer Limits in GCD

To request a change to an issuer limit, simply navigate to the Limits section on the Company Details page, then click on Edit Via FundApps.

On the Edit page, input the following:

  • ISIN(s) of the issuer
  • Threshold value (in the format: 2,3,4 for 2, 3 & 4% or 2->100#2 for 2 to 100 every 2% or if you believe that no limits exist for the issuer, input "None" into this field)
  • Source (e.g. the company Articles of Association)
  • Source Date (the date that the source was published)
  • Last Checked Date (the date on which you last checked the source) 
  • Comments (please provide supporting evidence for the change, e.g. page/section of the source document that relates to the change)
  • Email address

Similar to any other change in GCD, this will be sent to our regulatory experts for review and approval. It is important that the correct source information and any supporting evidence are provided in order for the request to be approved by our team.

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