Room-In-A-Name (RIAN) is designed for front-office and compliance teams to know how much trading capacity remains before a disclosure threshold is crossed. The feature tells you how many shares are up/down and what percentage you are away from the next reportable threshold.

Available to view in the user interface (UI), it is also available via API in a structured format. 

Data is available for only the latest file upload and is available after the file run is completed.




The API can be accessed by an API user at the below URLs:

Documentation: {company-name}

Room in a name extract: {company-name}

Results not calculated: {company-name}


Q. What is the rule coverage?

A. The RIAN feature covers major, short-selling, and takeover rules. There are some rules where RIAN as a concept does not make sense, e.g. US 13F, where it triggers when your combined holdings of 13F securities (i.e. not a single issuer) need to be considered. For this rule, we do not calculate RIAN.

In other rules or versions of rules, there are nuanced complexities that are not yet captured that may be specific in only a few situations- for example, delta hedging in Japan. In such cases, FundApps decided not to support these initially, though we are always open to your input on possible enhancements. If there are rules that are not yet covered and you would like us to consider enhancing the feature to support, please let us know.

For results that are not calculated successfully, you can see these by accessing the following RIAN errors API endpoint - {company-name}

Q. How do I request more RIAN coverage, and how does FundApps evaluate requests?

A. To request further RIAN coverage, please contact your Client Success Manager or contact FundApps Support

Similar to other feature/coverage requests, our team will carefully assess the complexity/effort of the request and weigh it against the value our client base as a whole would receive.

To give us the most information possible, please let us know how and why you believe the increased coverage will add value to your life and usage of our service. 

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