Introduction to the Global Company Database


Across the industry, investment managers are all searching the web for the same company information; their registered or legal addresses; their contact persons, maybe contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses, too; even their website to check investor relation information.

FundApps introduced the global company database so that customers no longer have to search and store this information locally but can access a shared database of such information, which they can all contribute to and utilize the contributions of other customers in the FundApps community.

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

It is powered by the source data from the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF), containing all companies that have issued an LEI (currently over 2.2 million companies globally). FundApps also can add companies that have yet to be issued an LEI. In addition to the GLEIF data, FundApps have integrated ISINs into the GCD via an initiative from the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA), which contains a mapping of LEI to ISIN for all countries that have registered with the project.


FundApps enrich this data with specific investor relation fields for shareholding disclosure filing and forms such as contact persons, email addresses, and company websites. FundApps allow customers to request amendments to this data via the UI; thus, the data set is continuously growing and being updated.

The data is updated daily from ANNA and GLEIF, and the FundApps Regulatory team verifies any amendments customers request before being added to the GCD within a day. A complete history of amendments to the record can be viewed in the History tab.

Linking Results to the GCD

The GCD can be searched in the UI with the company name or LEI and is also linked directly to your results via:

1) The LEI property in your positions file

2) The ISIN property in your positions file

3) The Issuer Name property in your positions file

Please read here for more information on how the linking to the GCD from the results details view works.

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