Deactivating and Reactivating Rule Versions

Only rules that have been approved can be deactivated on a per-version basis. For example if you deactivate the most recent version of a rule FundApps will then run against the previous version. If a new version of a deactivated rule is released or it has previous versions, these also need to be deactivated.

In addition, if you would like to revert back to the older version of a rule after the new version has been approved, you can deactivate the new version following the guidance below.

Deactivating a rule version is done via the Rules screen, which can be accessed from Main Menu - Rules. Please read the article: The Rules Screen Walk-Through for more details around the Rules Screen.


When deactivating a rule, FundApps will prompt the user to enter a reason for why the rule was deactivated. This is to make sure that an audit trail is created. We strongly recommend that you provide a comprehensive description, as deactivating rules could in theory result in a missed disclosure if it was deactivated for incorrect reasons.

You can view all deactivated rule versions by selecting the "Deactivated" filter in the Rules Screen. From that filter, it is also possible to reactivate rules that have previously been deactivated. Reactivating a rule means that the next time a positions file is uploaded FundApps will once again check against that specific rule.



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