Creating, Editing and Managing Users

Users can only be created by other users with an Administrator role in FundApps; please contact your Administrator if you require a new user account. It is FundApps' security policy to only let our clients manage the users who have access to their systems, therefore creating, deactivating, and reactivating users is left solely in our clients' responsibility.

Adding and removing users, as well as changing privileges, can be done on the Users screen (Admin on the top right > Setup > Users) or directly from this URL: <yoursite>

users.PNGThe User screen defaults to "Active" users. On the left-hand side of the screen, the filter "Deactivated" can be chosen for a view of all the deactivated users. In the top bar, three options are available: New, Deactivate, and Send Login.


Creating a New User

Step 1: Click on the New button in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: From here, you can input a user's information and send them login information.

You'll be presented with a pop-up window.

Username: Enter the desired username (ex jbloggs). We recommend a convention to standardise usernames (ex <firstname>.<lastname> or <firstletterfirstname><lastname>

               ***The Username field has a maximum 30-character limit***

Name: Enter the complete name (ex Jane Bloggs).

Email: Enter the user's email. Please be aware of domain restrictions.

Company: Select the company to which this user belongs (click here for further information on what the Company setting does). This selection might be the company to which you belong, a sub-company, or a separate entity you contract with. The user's viewing rights are limited to particular results for the company you choose here.

If you're not seeing the expected full list, check you have selected the company at the top on the Company drop-down tab.

Role: Select the role you would like to assign to the new user. Each role has certain rights, for more information click here.

You will then have the option to "Save" or "Save and Send". Clicking "Save" will not send an introductory email; you will still have the option of doing it later by clicking "Send Login" from the User screen.


Editing an Existing User

Step 1: Select the user whose information you would like to update.

Step 2: Update the user's company, role, notifications, or timezone accordingly.



Select a user and click "Deactivate" this will immediately revoke access to FundApps for them.



Selecting the "Deactivated" View will give an overview of all deactivated users of the system. Should a deactivated user need to be reactivated it can be done from this filtered view. Selecting the user and clicking "Reactivate" will re-grant access to FundApps for that user.


Send Login

If a user needs their FundApps password to be reset, an administrator can send reset login information by clicking this button.

If an account has been set up but a password hasn't been set, this will send a welcome email.

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