Umbrella Level Disclosures

Some investment managers use umbrella structures for various reasons and these structures can also play a part in the world of shareholding disclosure. We have created functionality around umbrella funds within the FundApps aggregation framework. This article explains the logic behind these umbrellas and the effect on the results generated when the rules are executed.

The article "Aggregation Framework" describes the general aggregation framework, in regards to aggregation level and structure. The umbrellas relate only to the aggregation level. The article further defines all the various levels which FundApps uses, these are:

  • Portfolio
  • All Entities
  • All Entities And Portfolio
  • Top Level Company

Umbrella disclosures will trigger under rules which run on 'Portfolio' or 'AllEntitiesAndPortfolio'*. The logic we have implemented can be summarised in this way:

"If a portfolio's direct parent is an umbrella and if a portfolio level disclosure is required, FundApps will trigger the disclosure on the parent umbrella, aggregating all portfolios underneath that specific umbrella"

Below is a small example illustrating how this works. As mentioned, only rules with the aggregation levels 'Portfolio' or 'AllEntitiesAndPortfolio' will trigger these types of disclosures, so the below will display these two types of aggregation levels when an umbrella is part of the aggregation structure.

Example 1: Portfolio

When FundApps triggers portfolio level disclosures in cases where an umbrella exists, portfolios that have an umbrella as a direct parent (in the example, any portfolios under the EFP Dynamic Allocation Fund) will be aggregated under the umbrella and a disclosure will be made on the umbrella level. As EFP Discretionary Mandate does not have an umbrella parent, FundApps will trigger a disclosure on the portfolio itself, based solely on the assets in that portfolio.


Example 2: AllEntitiesAndPortfolio

In regards to the umbrella level disclosures, this scenario is exactly the same and the logic which FundApps uses is identical in this regard. The only difference is that FundApps will also trigger disclosures on the FA Capital Partners level, aggregating across all three portfolios.

2.png*If an Umbrella does not have a Parent Entity it will be considered a Top Level Entity and therefore will trigger results under any rules that run on Aggregation Level: Top Level Entity.

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