Takeover Panel Data

FundApps scrapes Takeover Panel Data from over 16 countries so that customers do not have to source and maintain these data feeds themselves. A full list of jurisdictions we cover can be found here.

The data is sourced in two different ways:

1) Automated check every 3 hours.

2) Manual check every 24 hours.

The data scraping for most Takeover Panels is automated and happens every 3 hours. This applies to jurisdictions such as Austria, Belgium, Canada and France amongst others.

Due to the way that certain countries format their takeover data, FundApps are unable to automate the scraping. For example, if the data is presented in PDF format or is in a local language. For these jurisdictions, we manually monitor and update takeover panels every 24 hours. These jurisdictions are identified with an asterisk in the link provided above. While automation may be possible in some cases, the relative importance and frequency of change in these lists vs the other countries mean the relative value of automation is not compelling enough currently.

For the lists that are manually checked every 24 hours, where changes exist from day to day, these are reflected in FundApps before 10 am (BST).

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