Linking Results to GCD

Issuers you hold positions in are matched to the Global Company Database via the results details view. You will want to link your results to GCD for form population, issuer filing email addresses and for denominator websites.

There are currently three ways FundApps use your position file data to match your results to GCD (in this order).

1) LEI


3) Issuer name



If you provide the issuer's LEI in your positions file, FundApps will use this to match directly to the GCD. In such cases when you open up the result details you will automatically see the match and be able to link straight to that GCD record from the result details.


Note that because we have an exact match, it is not possible to override the GCD record to which the issuer has matched. If the LEI you have provided is incorrect, you should look to update this in your positions file.



If you are not providing the issuer's LEI then FundApps will try and match using the ISIN of the instrument(s) in the result. Integrating with ANNA, FundApps has over 4.5 million ISINs present in the GCD. If your result contains multiple ISINs, FundApps will look through each of them to find a match.


For a match made by ISIN, FundApps will display the companies Legal Name and it's LEI in the result details view.

In the edge case where your result contains multiple ISINs that are linked to different GCD records, FundApps will list the different GCD records that have been matched for you to select the correct one. 


Issuer Name

If you do not provide the issuer's LEI and FundApps have been unable to make a match with ISIN, FundApps will use the IssuerName property from your positions file and try to an exact match and if failing that, find the best match with a record in GCD. In the case of there being many companies with a good match, FundApps will show a list of the GCD records and you can then select the record the company should be matched to.


Note that this match will persist and will be effective for all historic and future results for that issuer. If you have selected the wrong GCD record, it is possible to change this as below and FundApps will tell you that another user in your environment had previously selected the GCD match.

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