Room-In-A-Name (RIAN) API


With the data available in FundApps, we can show an output containing, for each contract held with an active position, the headroom before reaching the limit. For cases where there may be two or more different instruments (e.g. a mini and a full-sized future) that are aggregated together in the result, we will include the headroom in both - independently.

The data is extracted via an API, which means it can be integrated with your own systems. For example, the API could automatically feed the data into an order management system (OMS) so that traders can see how much they can trade before they reach the limit for a given active position.

Any calendar date will result in a response from the API. If the date requested does not match with a date where there was a position file uploaded, then the API response will return an empty response for the contract data.


The API can be accessed by an API user at the below URLs:

Documentation: {company-name}

Note: To select the Position Limits version of the API, please select PL at the top-right of the page.

API extract: {company-name}{yyyy-mm-dd}

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