Setting Up Username, Password and BaFin_ID in Filing Manager BaFin

As part of the Filing Manager BaFin workflow, we require our users to save their BaFin username, password, and BaFin_ID in FundApps. This allows our product to submit the short report with the user’s BaFin account.

To do this, the user will have to follow these steps:

1. Save your BaFin user credentials in the FM BaFin screen by clicking in the cog

2. Get your BaFin ID by logging in to the BaFin portal, selecting "Net Short Position," and the name of the Entity registered. Your BaFin ID will be displayed in the blue box on the right. If you have multiple Entities registered, please ensure to map these IDs correctly in FundApps.

3. Make sure your BaFin ID has been saved in your Portfolios/Entities:

You are all set and ready to use the Filing Manager BaFin.

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