Ensuring Security When Contacting Us

At FundApps we take data security very seriously. This article addresses suggested ways to ensure security for both us and our clients. Especially because email exchanges can be intercepted, we recommend a high level of scrutiny when including sensitive data in emails to us. 

Any information on asset positions is considered sensitive information. 

Sending URLs

Sending URLs is the safest and fastest way to provide details and context for any support tickets you raise with our team. Simply copy and paste the URL of the page you are viewing in your email or ticket. For example, if you are looking at the below page (please see the screenshot for reference), you can copy and paste the following URL: https://master-staging.fundapps.co/Results#date=2021-07-07&tab=grid&overlay=ResultDetails&resultId=6f8cbdb6-e3ca-4bac-b427-ad5f00b242f0&backLabel=Back%20to%20Results


Sending Screenshots

Sending screenshots is also a great way to provide a huge amount of context to queries and problems. However, we recommend showing the minimum amount of information for the Client Services team to be able to understand your query. This can include:

  • Cropping out sensitive information
  • Blacking out sensitive information 


FundApps Will Never Ask For Your Password

FundApps will never ask for your password and clients should ensure that they do not send any passwords in an email.

Positions Files 

In your e-mail correspondences with FundApps, please do not attach entire upload files used in your FundApps production environment. 

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